Butterfly 3000

There is so much to say about this album. A spiritual successor to Polygondwanaland, the songs on Butterfly 3000 revolve around a series of arpeggiated synth loops, and the album is almost entirely played in a major key. The birth of Minty, band frontman Stu Mackenzie's daughter, had a significant influence on the album's sound - the result was King Gizzard's happiest, sweetest album to date.

It's impossible to pick out highlights from this album, but fan favourites include Interior People, Catching Smoke, and Shanghai. Don't use that as an excuse to skip the rest of Butterfly 3000, though - the whole thing's full of all-time greats.

I loved how layered this sounded

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I love this happy vibe. Give me more!

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For Fishies

Ok, that was cool. Now let's get weird

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