Get into Gizz

King Gizzard are a genre-confused Australian rock band known for their insane prolificity and tendency to experiment with their sound. Fans think they're a once-in-a-generation talent, but with 20 studio albums (and counting!) to choose from, where do you start?

This website aims to answer that question, and to serve as your guide through the Gizzverse. So, without further ado...

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Alternatively, pick an album below to start from:


Laminated Denim

Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava

Omnium Gatherum

Made In Timeland

Butterfly 3000



Infest The Rats' Nest

Fishing For Fishies

Gumboot Soup


Sketches Of Brunswick East

Murder Of The Universe

Flying Microtonal Banana

Nonagon Infinity

Paper Maché Dream Balloon


I'm In Your Mind Fuzz


Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

Eyes Like The Sky

12 Bar Bruise

Willoughby's Beach